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Deciding to create a hotel blog can be an excellent idea to boost your revenue, but at the same time, the content part of the story could also be tricky.

If you look at it in a broader sense, hotel blog posts aren’t all that tough to crack. You need to understand what your customers would be interested in and post accordingly. The content present on your blog should be alluring enough to crave your potential customers to come to visit your place.

We have compiled a list of a few excellent hotel blog ideas. These will help you to write better content on your website and hopefully convert your readers to guest in your beloved hotel.

1. Post about your Unique Selling Proposition

An essential thing you would want to do to attract customers is to post about the USP of your property. Be it unforgettable dining experience, uniquely themed rooms or breath-taking views, anything that makes your property unique is a selling point for your hotel and has to be conveyed to its potential customers.

What it also does is, helps your property differentiate itself from the competitors. Now, this factor, when taken into account from the point of view of the customer, leaves a different impression about your hotel in the customers’ mind. This might solely benefit your hotels in upcoming bookings as it maximizes the chances of your hotel, for getting booked, massively.

2. Post a small Video Tour of your Hotel Rooms and the Property around

To be successful at marketing, something you need to do is attract eyeballs. And in today’s day and age, nothing catches eyeballs faster than a well-choreographed video.

No one has got the time or willingness to see a picture of you standing in front of your property or read a speech that sounds more like a flashy advertisement. No matter how well written or informative they might be, people don’t have sufficient time. On the other hand, people are way more inclined towards watching a short 5-8 minutes informative video, giving them perspective about their room and the location of stay. Hence a tour guide in the form of a video, or other words hotel content marketing via short videos or even gifs, is the way forward towards boosting your hotel bookings.

3. Link your Hotel Blog to other Social Media Accounts

Hotel Content Marketing

The influence of social media, even in the field of hospitality business, is unquestionable. According to researchers, an average person spends about 2 hrs per day on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This number shoots up in the case of teenagers. The world average depicts a similar story as well.

Social media has proven itself to be such a dominant force when it comes to marketing. Wouldn’t it be a great initiative to build your property’s social media handles and then link it to your online blog? On a medium like Instagram, you can dedicate a page for your hotel and post high quality visually appealing content online for the world to see. Similarly, a Facebook page dedicated to your property is a great idea as well; also, it provides an entirely new platform for customer interaction as well. Once you link your blog content to social media sites, it would start a twin effect and bring in more readers, thus helping with marketing and sales.

4. Dominating Search Results in your Area

More often than not, when a customer plans on visiting an unknown location, the first thing he does after planning his itinerary is Google: “Best hotels in so and so area“. The hotels which top the result for google tops his list of preferred hotels as well. As a hotel marketing person, what you can do is try to get your blog listed among the first three search results organically. Inorganically you can get in partnership with local tour people and online agents. They can get your hotel enlisted in their suggestions and recommendations, both online and offline as well.

Doing so would help your hotel’s website or blog come across more number of people searching online hence providing you with an edge over the competition directly.

5. Dedicate a Section of your Blog to Reviews and Testimonials

Hotel Content Marketing

This hotel blogging idea has been successfully used by successful chains of hotels across the globe. What better way to both, engage with the guests and have contents on your blog written for simultaneously. This can be done by enticing past guests to give their opinion on a variety of things and share their experience.

Dedicating a section of your blog to testimonials and reviews conveys two very strong messages:

• You are concerned about progressive reforms in your hotel’s infrastructure and conveniences.
• You care about your guests, more than anything

Not to forget, each positive review you get acts as an impetus for upcoming guests to pick your hotel over the others.

6. Include a Section for Hotel Menu focusing on Foods and Drinks

Hotel Blog Ideas

Researches prove that the online community is way more susceptible to the images of foods and drinks, among other things. A picture of well-presented dessert or an expensive wine makes people want to visit the place where it is served.

You can do a similar thing with your blog. Including images of foods and drinks would make people want to visit your place and hopefully stay there as well just for the kind of meals you serve.

7 Include Local Attractions

Hotel Blogging Ideas

For a tourist, the most important thing about visiting a place is the attractions it has to offer and not the kind of hotel he has to stay in. No one visits New York for the type of hotel it has, but people visit that place because it is endowed with monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, Empty Sky Memorial, etc. Considering local attractions play such a huge role, why not include them on your blog?

Inclusion of local attractions and marking your property’s distance from that particular location can help tourists prefer your hotel. Also, you could partner up with some local tour and travel company. This would give a wholesome travel experience to your guest in your city rather than you just being accountable for their quality of stay.

8. Complete Vacation Planning

This unique hotel blog idea can give both your guests and potential guests a platform wherein based upon their duration of stay and the places they are likely to visit; your webpage would essentially create a travel plan while they stay with you.

Without a doubt, this would require some level of AI automation but once practiced; this could be a USP of your hotel’s blog itself. As this interface would be completely new and unique, it would provide your hotel far better chances of getting booked because not only you are easing up your guest’s time with you, you are also helping them explore your city in a better manner.

9. Share your Achievements and Accolades

Hotel Marketing Plan

You get awarded as the best hotel in your city by a very recognized newspaper. What do you do? Do you stay quiet and humble and put your trophy at the reception or at least inform your guests about it?

To me, the answer is pretty clear, inform the guests about your achievements and accolades. Be it big or small; your guests deserve to know how recognized you are in your town. The best way to answer that is by revealing your awards and achievements. Also, it gives your potential guests one added reason to stay with you.

10. A Section dedicated to Local Legends, Archival Photos, and your History

As part of content marketing, you could go ahead and include some local legend of your city. It may be a haunted house or a story about the local temple or anything that sparks a willingness to visit in the minds of the guests.

Archival photos and history of your hotel displayed proudly on your hotel blog would convey two things. The first, of course, being an informative purpose and the other being the pride you take in your rich history and years of making. This further tells your guests that you are an independent and fair business who remembers their humble beginnings.

11. Celebrity Visits

If your hotel is one of the top hotels in your cities and your city is usually thickly populated with tourists or is located in an area where people usually come to shoot movies or short films, you are in luck. You might be lucky enough to host an A-lister celebrity someday, and that would be one hell of content to put up on your blog. This would attract more and more people, not just to your blog but to your actual hotel as well.

12. Keep a Social Media Management Team

Hotel Marketing Plan

This technique is used by a larger hotel franchise and one which has been proven successful. One could understand a lot about recent market trends by scrutinizing social media. Instead of spending time deliberating upon the topic of your blog, you can try to analyze which post is already generating huge buzz.

For example, you could implement the location filter on Facebook and narrow down the search to your property’s location and then analyze the burning topics among the tourists.

13. Use Quora as a Forum for Improvement

Quora has come across as one of the top organically controlled question and answer forum along with yahoo answers. The impact of strategies and policies used by other hotel chains across the globe and how well people accept it is quite brilliantly demonstrated by analyzing the views of the audience.

A smart hotelier could potentially use the questions put up on the website to create content for their own blog. To get a good sense of how people operate and the improvements they look forward to could be judged by the upvotes, an answer gets against a burning question. You could use these as raw ingredients in manufacturing your blog content

14. Refer to Google Trends and Analytics

Google trends is a handy tool if one knows how to use to its full potential. You could potentially derive good hotel blogging ideas directly from Google trends. It gives you an overview of the keywords gaining significant volumes of searches in recent time. You could imply that knowledge and base your blog around that topic for an almost guaranteed hit.

Google analytics, on the other hand, tells you how well was your last blog received by the audience, by means of graphical representation of data. You can make modifications and implement those in your upcoming blogs.

15 Keep a Tap on your Competition

Ever seen sudden spikes in your competitors’ blog post? If yes, chances are that you might not be keeping a track of your competitors as well as you should. Maybe they are creating quality content, and their content is based around burning keywords. Try writing content which has been successful for your competitors. Again we are not asking to plagiarize. But at least see where the game is heading, and strive to outwit the competitors with the content of yours.

Final Thoughts

Those were the 15 great content ideas for your hotel blog. The ideas mentioned above helps make your property visible to a broader range of audience, thereby helping with marketing. It also enables you to stay above the competition, thus maximizing profits as well.

Although in today’s world, you can never pinpoint upon the determinants of sure short profit in the business. However, the ideas mentioned above for your hotel blog is your best bet on the same.

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