Hotel Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been on the rise since the recent years. Technology is taking over lives and having an online presence has become a necessity these days. Customer’s preferences and priorities have changed. They expect customization and exceptional quality. ‘Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement’ rightly said. The digital impact of the business should be persuasive. Even before the customer comes to the hotel, they check for it online, and if this conveys a smooth message, half the job of customer acquisition is done. Therefore, it is very essential to have a strategy for your hotel digital marketing.

What is Hotel Digital Marketing?

As mentioned above, having a digital presence is very important these days and your digital marketing strategy defines the presence of your hotel brand on all digital platforms. Every hotel needs to have a digital presence where customers and potential customers can access if the hotel suits their requirements or not. This creates the first impression of the business which helps in deciding whether the potential customer wants to come to the hotel or not. Thus, the hotel needs to incorporate digital marketing which should make the hotel look as appealing as possible to attract more customers. It should highlight the best features of the hotel. This strategy of hotels to incorporate marketing using digital platforms is known as hotel digital marketing.

Here are the top hotel digital marketing trends that will create remarkable business results in 2020 and beyond. Correct implementation of these hotel marketing strategies can help you to upscale your marketing game and help you maintain your brand in the future.

1. Videos

Videos are an excellent means to communicate with the customer. They enhance the user experience. If used properly, they can help in customer acquisition to a high extent. In fact, 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

The video should draw attention to the quality and the value that the hotel delivers to its customers. It should be able to strike an impact with the viewer through an emotion. A short story of an experience provided by the hotelier can be shown.

Video digital marketing can be through several platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and the website itself.

2. Chatbots

Hotel Digital Marketing

Using Chatbots to provide instant messages to customers and addressing their problem at the earliest is very important. They are essential for customer service. Chatbots are useful as they provide assistance round the clock, instant responses to inquiries and answers to simple questions. In the hotel industry, Chatbots can be used to cater to the customers and their requirements. The customers can access it whenever they need something since they can be used 24/7. It brings a lot of convenience on the part of both the hotelier and the customer.

3. Artificial Intelligence

It is no hidden secret that AI is taking over the world. An AI concierge can be set up. It will enhance the customer experience as customers can approach the robot, pose inquiries and get their questions settled immediately. The scope of AI is unlimited. It can be used to collect customer data and then show the customers how much the hotel cares about making the customer happy. It can be used for face recognition, hotel check-ins, and check-outs, managing housekeeping, cleaning, etc.

4. Social Media Marketing

Hotel Social Media Marketing

The hotel industry has a considerable advantage, which is that it is highly perceivable visually. Social media platform can be used to showcase all the amenities the hotel provides. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be used to the advantage of the company by showing fun elements, setting a target market, creating emotions, showing the USP of the hotel and focusing on details. Instagram can have a feed which focuses on a particular aesthetic.

The feed can display an element of sophistication or fun and adventure; depending on whatever the business wants to focus. The highlight section can be used to showcase different aspects that the hotel has to offer that range from indoor spa facilities to outdoor treks and tours.

There can be the use of specific videos to create emotion and deliver the experience. At the same time, branded hashtags can be used. Regular Facebook and Instagram stories can be used to keep up to date with what events and activities are conducted daily. Collaboration with Influencers can be used to promote the activities of the hotel, thereby addressing a more significant market.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Hotels

Email marketing for hotels can be used to acquire potential customers and lure existing customers. However, they need to be segregated based on categories. The customer data can be used to categorize the same. Confirmation emails can be sent as soon as the booking is made. Reminder emails two to three days before the date of stay and an email after the visit denotes the value that the hotel shows to its customer. The emails need to be personalized and need to focus on what the customers want. Email marketing can also be used to send in discount codes and coupons to the customers. It is automated, which saves time and effort. Thus, Email marketing is an efficient form of marketing which delivers excellent returns.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves using influencers instead of going for corporate advertisements for promoting the hotel. These are generally social media influencers who have a higher customer reach and substantial followers. Influencer marketing has started up recently and is growing tremendously. The influencers can be from Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. They put up videos and pictures of their stay at the hotel and get paid for it. These are seen by all their followers who feel inclined to give it a shot. A good picture depicting a wondrous experience is likely to attract customers toward that place. Video marketing for hotels can convey a lot about the hotel. The success rate of influencer marketing is very high. It delivers better returns and is, at the same time, cost-effective as compared to corporate advertisements since the customers trust the influencer.

7. Social Messaging Apps

Digital Marketing for Hotels

People spend quite a lot of time on their social messaging apps. WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users and 55 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp every day. Other apps like Facebook Messenger and We Chat are also frequently used. Thus, using these apps can be a useful way to communicate with the consumer directly. It enables the company to provide support and assistance to the customer.

It makes the customer believe that he can directly contact the hotel. Thus, it helps to build a direct contact. This, in turn, helps in boosting sales and gaining potential customers. Therefore, it makes a lot more sense to communicate with the customer directly through these apps. They help to enhance the overall customer experience and leave the customers with more than what they were expecting.

8. Voice Search

Voice SEO is the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistants. It eliminates the need to use buttons to type in the message. The hotel guests can book a hotel room just by speaking to the device. They can even control the functions in the room only by speaking. The in-room control functions enhance the customer experience by providing convenience.

9. Remarketing

Remarketing for hotels can be used to target those people who have already visited the website but have not made any purchases or inquiries. It uses cookies to display advertisements to them when they visit other websites. It has been a growing trend and is used frequently by all hoteliers. It seeks to create an impression in the minds of the potential customer about the hotel. It is beneficial since those who know about the brand are more likely to become potential customers.

Final Thoughts

The means of hotel digital marketing are evolving. There’s more focus today on personalization, videos, small content stories, artificial intelligence, visual inquiry and voice search. The world is pushing towards an existence where innovation will be fundamental in all parts of everyone’s lives, including work, family and social communication. Therefore, it is very essential for the hoteliers to adapt to the change and upscale their digital marketing strategy to meet the changing needs of customers.

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