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As online booking channels like OTAs continue to grow their market share day by day, hoteliers are constantly looking for modern and cost-efficient options to drive direct, commission-free online bookings. Well, the most effectual way to do so, is with a vanity website. The current state of online booking landscape easily points towards the fact that the modern-day hotel booking platform is competing in the most competitive era ever in the hotel industry. Researches show that almost 16% leisure travelers and nearly 30% of business travelers are certain about the brand of the hotel in which they want to stay. In such day and age, a hotel vanity website provides an ideal platform for the growth and promotion of your hotel.

What is a Vanity Website?

A vanity website is a unique webpage where hoteliers promote their property with complete control over the content. They can showcase their hotel’s uniqueness, amenities, local attractions, etc. It can essentially, act as the face of the hotel when it comes to online hotel marketing and do the twin job of promoting the hotel and boosting the sales at the same time.

Vanity websites are sites exclusively dedicated to one particular hotel, brand or a chain of hotels that helps to market the hotel in a better way. They help a brand by providing better management to their content and at the same time, reaches out to several customers around the globe.

Vanity website offers huge value to the hotel; for starters, they help drive revenue control of the particular hotel by leaps and bounds. But that is just a snapshot of the far greater importance a hotel vanity website has for its business. So, let us discuss a few of their advantages.

Advantages of a Vanity Website:

1. Enhances Visibility

A vanity hotel website helps to enhance the visibility of a particular hotel or brand as a whole, over the internet. A hotel having an online presence via a vanity website has higher chances of showing up for a wider number of search queries than the one which doesn’t because they help in regulating SEO for the hotel.

Hotel Vanity Website

Also, another area which vanity websites address is the ability to show up for specific queries. A general search could be “Hotels in New Jersey”, but a more specific question is “Hotels in New Jersey with a spa”, or “Pet-friendly hotels in New Jersey”. The algorithm of the vanity website allows it to be found more often for specific queries, thereby catering to the particular needs of its guests.

2. Showcase Hotels Uniqueness

A vanity website provides ample room for the enterprises to highlight the pros of their property or in other words, highlight what makes their property unique. It equips the marketer with a tool for differentiating themselves from the local competition. It provides a platform for the hotel owners to display the USP of their hotel by highlighting photos, description, and other stuff to sway the potential customers in their direction.

It gives the hoteliers the flexibility to promote their property through exclusive offers, discounts, exclusive deals, etc., boosting the business in turn. The other thing a vanity website does is open several different partnership opportunities with other firms and businesses. These opportunities include other local attractions, their promotion, and using their website as leverage.

3. Branding and Credibility

A standalone hotel website can act as the virtual storefront and help voice your hotel and brand as a whole. Also, hotels located in exquisite locations might help in showing off cultures surrounding the hotel, and with that, it mostly shows the guest that the brand cares about its online image and smoothening up the booking procedure for its customers, which in turn instills a confidence in the guests that they will be well-taken care off when they come to stay in the hotel.

4. Minimize overall Operation Cost

The most important benefit of a vanity website for a hotel is that of direct bookings. The modern method of enlisting the hotel to a third-party booking agent and even the conventional techniques of booking are either too expensive or provide lower potential guests. Hence, proving ineffective in both cases.

A hotel vanity website, on the other hand, encourages direct booking online by providing better deals and offers to the customers. There are no brokers involved. Hence, this is way more cost-efficient means of promotion and hotel booking.

5. Engagement

A vanity website allows hoteliers to improve engagement with the guests by providing them with the information they need and highlighting things that make their property unique. A significant advantage of getting business online is performance tracking. Every activity, every interaction of the customers with the hotel website can be tracked and information could be provided in terms of raw data to the hotel owners by performance management tools such as google analytics, etc. which could further help to improve the guests experience by enhancing the hotels infrastructure as determined by the guest’s online behavior.

6. Add Flexibility to Marketing Strategy

Vanity websites are highly effective with respect to marketing. Their flexible nature allows us to adjust to the latest hotel marketing trends and always be updated.

Vanity websites can be useful in terms of SEO. You can have full control over link management along with regular content updates with essential keywords.

Brand Website vs Vanity Websites

Brand Website Vanity Website
Brand Website is the front face of any business.Vanity Websites are only used for marketing purposes.
It defines what your business stands for and contains all the necessary information about your business.It allows us to experiment with website designs which are different from our primary hotel website design.
In hotel industries, brand websites majorly include standard hotel information, booking buttons, amenities information, etc.A vanity website, on the other hand, includes personalized amenity features, booking CTC integration, high-resolution photo, and video gallery, etc.
Brand Websites are not very flexible and are very limited in terms of marketing.A vanity website can be much more flexible than Brand Websites. You can update the website more frequently according to the marketing requirements and other key areas.

Final Thoughts

Concluding the article, one can say that vanity websites are far more diverse, interactive and customer-friendly than the regular brand website. Especially in today’s day and age, their importance is vital as anything which makes the consumer’s job easier is widely accepted and appreciated. Vanity websites aren’t merely visual delights to promote your hotels but are indeed essential in terms of marketing. They help boom the hotel’s revenue and at the same time, infuse customer loyalty, which is especially beneficial in today’s competitive market.

Even beyond numbers, vanity hotel websites prove to be massively beneficial for both the guests and the hotel management personnel. After all, a vanity website almost guarantees success as they tick so many boxes, whether you talk about marketing or generating higher revenues, a hotel vanity website takes care of them all. Although as of now, several hotels don’t have their standalone hotel website or an equivalent model, but sooner or later the hoteliers will realize the importance of having a vanity website.

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